2016 Elizabethtown Area Water Authority

EAWA produces approximately 1.3 million gallons a day (GPD) average of water.

EAWA’s water comes from multiple sources.   Surface water comprises 25% of the total water produced.  Surface water comes from the tributary named Back Run, which is augmented with flow during dry weather from the Conewago Creek, which is in turn augmented with flow from the Cornwall Quarry.  This water is processed by the Authority’s filter plant, which is located at 211 West Hummelstown St.  The remaining 75% of water is produced by eight (8) deep wells.  Water is treated at the well sites and is pumped into the distribution system.


Authority Manager

Del Becker


Operations Manager

Gene Haldeman Jr


Board Members

Dr. C. Dale Treese,


Keith Murphy,

Vice Chair

Rich Sheidy

Jeff McCloud,


Assistant Secretary

Richard Erb,

Assistant Treasurer

Charles Brewer,

Community Public Relations